Bucket List

Firstly, EVERYONE should have a bucket list. It took me a while to make my own and now I have I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. It gives you something to work towards, and like everyone in this world, we all lose people close to us at some point and it makes you think about everything you want to do and see throughout your life. So start now!……

Bucket List Completed
1 Visit Siena
2 Visit the Maui statues of Easter Island Complete
3 Learn to Salsa dance
4 Swim with sharks Complete
5 Climb the three peaks in the UK
6 Travel first class with Singapore Airlines
7 Holiday in Vegas
8 Do a sky dive
9 Visit the Islands of Palau
10 Eat sushi in Japan
11 Learn to ride a horse
12 Do a bungee jump in New Zealand
13 Plan a wedding Complete
14 Stay at The Ladera Hotel in St Lucia
15 Go Greek Island hopping
16 Be a maid of honour
17 Have a mini-break in Southern Ireland
18 Create my own blog Complete
19 Learn to dive Complete
20 Do a yoga course
21 Go wine-tasting in Napa Valley
22 See a show in The West End Complete
23 Stay in a luxury hotel in Marrakech
24 Camp in the city of Florence
25 Visit Amsterdam and the Red Light District Complete
26 Cycle from London to Paris
27 See Fairy Penguins on Philip Island Complete
28 Visit Darwin and Kings Canyon
29 See a show on Broadway
30 Go skiing in Canada
31 Drive Route 66
32 Watch the Eiffel Tower light up
33 Surf in Morocco
34 Go on Safari in Africa
35 Stargazing in Utah
36 Dine at The Savoy
37 Swim in the Marina Bay Sands rooftop pool
38 Cycle from London to Brighton Complete
39 Save someone’s life Complete
40 Explore the Arctic!
41 Visit The Lourve in Paris
42 Be Shortlisted for Cosmo’s Blog Award (Best Travel)  Complete!
43 Learn to play poker  Complete!
44 Stay in a tree house in Costa Rica
45 Write a book
46 Make someone’s wedding cake Complete
47 Learn to sail
48 Visit Rio De Jinero
49 Reach 1000 likes on facebook  Complete!
50 Hike Machu Picchu
51 Visit The Great Wall of China
52 Ride a Camel around the Egyptian Pyramids
53 See Justine Timberlake in concert
54 Listen to proper country music in Nashville

Tell me what’s on your list? Can you recommend anything for me to add to mine?

My bucket list, like most, is constantly getting longer and ever changing, so I hope you can take away some ideas from it!